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Failure is always an option!

Posted by on February 7, 2012

As Mythbuster’s Adam Savage says it:

Failure is always an option.

What he means is that even when an experiment fails there is valuable things to learn. This is what happened to my Meringue skirt.

The story and a picture:

Failed Meringue!

I was excited to start a new skirt project and made some pre-planned adjustments to the pattern (lengthen it and adding a waistband). Then I sewed together the muslin (I even added the zipper) and tried it on. Meh.

I usually wear wide skirts or pencil skirts. Now I know why. The Meringue made me feel like I was wearing a barrel, making my (not so small) hips and thighs twice as wide. Not a good feeling. Part of the problem is probably the length of the skirt, but since I’m not comfortable with above-the-knee lengths it’s not really an option. Making the skirt tighter around the bottom edge might help as well but I feel I’d be making a very different skirt by doing that and at this point I don’t really have the inspiration to fiddle with it.

So what did I learn?

Don’t make this type of skirt again! Stick to what you know (or in this case like): pencil skirts and circle skirts! This project goes into the bin, and the pattern back into the envelope.

For those of you that want to see some successful Meringue skirts:

  • look here for Sarahs favourites (Rhinestones and Telephones)
  • and here for Erins favourites (Miss Crayola Creepy)

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