Organizing my inspiration

I’m a big fan of notebooks, especially ones with thick paper so that I can doodle, write and add things in. But lately I’ve been finding most of my knitting inspiration online and can’t be bothered to print out all the pictures. Since I’m usually using my iPad lately I’ve started to organize my inspiration in Penultimate. I need my stylus to write, but other than that it’s easy to work with and I really like the style I get. Almost like my beloved notebooks!


20140316-211508.jpgHow do you organize your inspiration and your project queues?

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My knitting queue from Drops Design

1. Cute and Cozy. 2. BabyDROPS 18-1. 3. DROPS Extra 0-982. 4. Summer Jolly. 5. Winter Wonder. 6. BabyDROPS 17-6.

All designs can be found on Drops Design garnstudio.

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On my… knitting needles

I’ve been browsing the patterns on, the Drops yarn website. There are several cute and practical baby and toddler patterns and a few of them has made it to my knitting queue. I have started with a pair of pants, Cozy and Cute, for my youngest. Worked in green Baby Merino from Drops. So far I’ve ripped up a couple of cm twice because I’ve managed to pick up an extra stitch. But on the bright side I’ve been doing a variation on picking up the wraps on my short rows which turned out very nice!


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On my… crochet hook

I like to crochet with strips of fabric instead of yarn. It makes really bulky textures that works great for baskets and bags. Our LEGO collection got bigger this weekend  so we need a new basket for storage. I’m using strips of jersey for this project and a size 10 mm hook so it’s a fast progress (which means that I will soon return to my Knit for Victory cardigan!).


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Knit for Victory

imageI have joined a knit along, Knit for Victory, hosted by Tasha at By Gum, By Golly. The challenge is to knit one, or several, pieces with a 1940s feel to it. It runs from November 4th to January 31st and I have already made some progress on a wip cardigan I have.

Plans so far includes the cardigan, Tashas newly released Victory beret pattern, and hopefully mittens and scarfs for my daughters.

Check out the flickr group for all the pictures!

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Practical lingerie

My sewing table is covered with materials for lingerie. These last weeks has been all about bras. I’m experimenting with patterns for nursing bras. So far I’ve made two using different patterns and I’m now on number three.

These projects definately needs some serious tweeking before I’m satisfied. Next step is to try them with underwire.

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Finished and approved

I finished the green gloves for my two year old daughter the other day. We were both pleased with the result and this is a pattern I will revisit. It comes in three sizes, this being the smallest, and I would like to experiment with some sort of pattern next time.


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On my… knitting needles

I’m knitting gloves for my two year old using a basic pattern from 1956. What are you making today?

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Finishing Briar Rose

After a lot of knitting, a bit of unravelling  many cups of coffee and several hours of blocking my Briar Rose was finished earlier this summer. I’m very pleased with the result although I discovered that despite being a rather thin jumper with short sleeves it’s pretty warm to wear. So rather than a summer jumper I think it will work better in spring or early fall. I made a few mistakes in the design here and there but I’m satisfied with the result and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot.

I’ve been having a hard time capturing the right colour but the picture of me wearing it is probably closest to the real thing.

For those of you who doesn’t own fancy knit clips – clothes pins works great as well!

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Back on track

Autumn… a second spring when every leaf is a flower. [Albert Camus]

Chilly mornings, yellow leaves and cups of tea. Autumn has arrived in Sweden. For me autumn means more energy to do crafts, but that doesn’t mean my hands have been idle since the last time I posted. I have lots of projects to show you!

First up is my never ending (at least it feels like it) crochet project:

I’m making a diaper bag for my daughter. It’s a nice project to work on in front of the TV with an easy pattern. I haven’t written down the pattern yet so take a look at these cute patterns instead:

 Everybody needs a granny square!

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